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激光雕刻机 | 2021-08-01
本文摘要:China created the countrys largest chip maker last week, taking a giant step forward towards Beijings plan of becoming less reliant on foreign technology.上周,中国境内仅次于的芯片制造商问世了,这使得中国政府距离增加对国外科技倚赖的目标又行进了一大步。


China created the countrys largest chip maker last week, taking a giant step forward towards Beijings plan of becoming less reliant on foreign technology.上周,中国境内仅次于的芯片制造商问世了,这使得中国政府距离增加对国外科技倚赖的目标又行进了一大步。Under Beijings direction, Tsinghua Unigroup, Chinas largest chip designer, acquired a majority stake in XMC, one of the Chinas leading chip maker and backed by the national semiconductor fund, the Wall Street Journal reported. A new holding company was created for XMC called Yangtze River Storage Technology, which has a registered capital of 18.9 billion yuan ($2.8 billion).据华尔街日报报导,在政府的指使下,中国大陆仅次于的芯片设计商清华紫光集团已完成了对行业领先的芯片制造商、由国家集成电路产业投资基金扶植的武汉新的芯多数股权的并购,正式成立取名为武汉长江存储科技有限公司的新控股公司,注册资金高达189亿人民币(28亿美元)。Yangtze combines Tsinghua Unigroups investment power and XMCs engineering team, said Roger Sheng, a Shanghai-based research director for semiconductors at Gartner IT , adding that the merger is the first case between two Chinese companies in the semiconductor industry.武汉长江存储科技有限公司统合了清华紫光的投资能力和武汉新的芯的技术团队。

低德纳咨询(全球最不具权威的IT研究与顾问咨询公司)上海公司总监Roger Sheng回应,两个中国本土企业拆分在半导体制造业尚属首例。China imports around $200 billion of chips a year, which is the biggest trade deficit in the global semiconductor market, according to state-run Xinhua news agency. The creation of Yangtze would indeed benefit the country in the long run, but it will first have a negative impact on the smaller domestic players, said Sheng.根据新华社的报导,中国每年进口芯片的费用高达200亿美元,是全球半导体市场中仅次于的贸易逆差。Roger Sheng回应,从将来来看,武汉长江存储科技有限公司的正式成立不利于中国在该行业的发展,不过首当其冲受到影响的是中国国内规模较小的芯片制造商。


Currently, I think other Chinese companies that want to invest in the memory business are most impacted because the new company will get the most resources and support from the Chinese government, he said. The other companies or regional governments cant get as big an investment as Yangtze. Global chip makers are safe for at least a few years, with Yangtze needing at least two to three years to get commercialization capability, unless Tsinghua Unigroup can acquire companies with current mainstream 3D NAND (a next-generation flash memory chip) or DRAM (computer memory chips).Roger Sheng说:我指出想投资存储行业的国内企业受到的冲击应当最相当严重,因为武汉长江存储将不会独占大部分的资源,而且它还有政府的反对。其他制造商或是地方企业不有可能取得像长江存储那么大的投资。全球性的芯片制造商继续会受到大的影响,因为武汉长江存储最少必须两到三年的时间培育商业化的能力,除非清华紫光可以收购享有目前主流的3D NAND存储器技术和DRAM存储技术的企业。

XMC, however, is developing todays leading-edge 3D NAND chips to be test-ready by the end of this year, said Hui He, a senior analyst for Chinas semiconductor market at IHS Technology.不过,IHS公司半导体行业的资深分析师何慧却回应,目前武汉新的芯早已在研制高水平3D NAND存储器芯片,将要在今年年末投放测试。After the proven product ramp-up period, all global memory vendors will be affected, said Gartners Sheng. Chinese companies could own the market with proven product manufacturing capabilities. It will definitely impact existing market players through cheaper and volume product supply.Roger Sheng回应:在爬坡量产过后,全球的存储芯片供应商都会受到影响。